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The only requirement to become a member of "Atheists for Jesus" is a belief in the basic message of Jesus (that being simply to try to get along with and care for your fellow human beings). While support for your own viewpoint concerning the existence or non-existence of a deity will be allowed (I doubt if anyone could prevent this), tolerance for the viewpoints of other members will be necessary for the organization to achieve its goals.

Realizing the negative connotations held by many people for the term atheist, two types of memberships will be available--a regular membership in Atheists for Jesus and a Christian (Jewish; Muslim; Hindu; etc. as specified by the member on the application) associate membership. All written communication will be with Synthesis (thus avoiding dirty looks from the mailman !


The membership fee of $45 for individual or $55 for joint membership* includes $25 for copies of my three books: Christianity Betrayed; An Atheist for Jesus: a Personal Journey of Discovery; and An Atheist for Jesus, Vol. II: Rescuing Jesus (and America) from the Religious Right. The new member will also receive a membership certificate (regular or associate), and the knowledge that they are helping a good cause! If you would like to receive the books, but are unsure if you wish to support the goals of the organization, I will offer the 2-book set for $25.00 plus $5.00 S&H. If you use this option, membership can be added at a later date for a fee of $20.00 for individual or $30.00 for joint membership.

If you are interested in supporting the goals of "Atheists for Jesus", and wish to help me to both publicize the existence of the organization and to make contacts between religious and secular groups in order to put forth a combined front in the support of Jesus' message, then I would urge you to become a full member. If you really feel strongly about it (and can easily afford it), donations to help me with the costs of this site and other advertising and travel expenses will not be refused. Sorry, they're not tax deductible.

*Joint membership is available to people residing at the same address (one copy of each book per membership).

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